Architect Your Home
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Architect Your Home
 Portugal – The people with the expertise to maximise the potential of your project

Architect Your Home offers a flexible pay-as-you-go architectural service that helps you make best use of your home and your budget. Kick-start your project with our fixed fee ‘initial visit’. Engage in an open discussion with […]

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Atelier Autêntico – Vintage Home Decor

Our Mission – We created Atelier Autêntico to provide a collection of unique vintage furniture and home accessories, which can be ordered online and delivered to a customer’s home in one simple click. In furniture and […]

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cultural differences: a brief guide

Some things that travellers are meant to encounter have always eluded me. “Cultural differences” and “culture shock”, for example, are two concepts that I have never really had a grasp of while on the road. But […]

In the Mist
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In the Mist

…it’s been several weeks since I made it into the sea. My last visit to the Peniche peninsula was somewhat hampered by cranial mucous infestations so I was relegated to photographer on this obscenely offshore day […]

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Best of Portuguese Architecture – My Top 10 (part one)

Sometimes someone comes out with an opinion so contrary to your own that it provokes you to revisit the foundations of your beliefs. I was at a BBQ the other day and was asked to explain […]

Financial Crisis Holidays in Portugal
March 30, 2012  //  1 Comment
Are holidays in Portugal still the value for money they once were? Naturally this totally depends what you want in a hol ...
dispelling myths: Portugal’s wonderful light.
July 16, 2012  //  2 Comments
Ah … the summer in Portugal … I know you think this. Even if you live here, you probably think this. I do. I ...
Restoring Windows
June 21, 2012  //  4 Comments
If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a girl builder and a boy builder I can tell you right here. I ...
The Taste of Home
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Why having that ‘taste of home’ can be so important when living abroad Written by British Corner Shop – the online ...
I love trains
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Spownall and I love trains. Any type of train will do for him but my particular preference is for six seater compartment ...
Portugal surf report, Cabedelo…
May 8, 2011  //  2 Comments
…I haven’t surfed at Cabedelo (Figueira de Foz) in a while. My lack of inertia since the winter months has been toug ...