dispelling myths: Portugal’s wonderful light.

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Ah … the summer in Portugal … I know you think this. Even if you live here, you probably think this. I do. I always look forward to summer in Portugal. Winters in our house are so extremely vile, that summer is really something to look forward to.
First you get springtime. And it is warm again, proper warm, with flowers and beautiful light and a bit of rain if you’re lucky. And you think, ah, the summer’ll be here soon, I’m looking forward to the summer, I can handle a bit of full on heatwave, I can.
And then the full on heatwave comes and you think, christ almighty, it’s hot, but I’m not going to complain because I’m British and all we ever talk about in Britainland is going to sunnier climes … so I ain’t saying nothing about the heat … but blimey, there are days here when you can’t breathe and others where you’d melt if you could and there are others … okay, so I’m not complaining … and I bet you a gazilllion quid that if you’re living there in cold northern Europe where it snows all year round (according to my neighbours) you think “ah, summer in Portugal … how wonderful” and in your mind’s eye you see a lovely villa bathed in Portugal’s legendary light and all’s right with the world and there’s me in the corner sipping lime daiquiris (whatever one of them is) and looking just dreamy.
Well think again. This is how life is when the hot weather arrives where I live (i.e. in Portugal, in the middlish part, in Azeitão, in our cowboy built house that was specially constructed to channel the heat outwards in winter and inwards in summer):
Shutters shut, windows shut, wandering around in either the dark or with horrible artificial light … occasionally having to give in and turn on the air conditioning for half an hour to get the semblance of some oxygen back into the house … *gasp*
Thankfully the last remaining place with anything like a cold tinge to it in the whole house is my office/corridor/dumping ground … sounds like such a welcoming place, doesn’t it? … . so, more reason to be a big vegetable in front of the computer all day then … huh?
Portugal is DARK in SUMMER.

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2 Comments on "dispelling myths: Portugal’s wonderful light."

  1. Julie Dawn Fox July 16, 2012 at 2:39 pm · Reply

    So, true, Lucy. After 5 years of living in central Portugal where there’s not even a hint of a sea breeze to revive you during the furnace days, I’ve realised that I almost dread the summer. Dark days, indeed, hiding behind the shutters, sprawled in front of a fan, squirting myself with cold water (we haven’t got air con so I have to improvise) is not such fun and the garden, which looks lovely, is too hot to be in during daylight hours. Roll on autumn!

  2. chom November 20, 2012 at 7:56 pm · Reply

    Hi, why don’t you change your place of living to Norway? No problems like this for shure.

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