god, we british are so repressed

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BritishUsually, I hate it when people say that to me. “Oh, you eengleesh (because anywhere outside of UK we Brits and eengleeesh are interchangeable) are SOOOO reprrrrehsssed!”. Because honestly, I don’t think I’m so reserved and repressed and anally retentive. Or maybe I am. I refuse to raise my voice with anyone I’m not related to. I’d rather be swallowed by a hole in the pavement than look SILLY in front of my peers (which is why I do it in front of the blogosphere instead). And you’d never catch me walking down the road with a girlfriend (as in friend friend, not girl-friend/namorada, before I get a whole load of emails from confused people swearing blind that they thought I was straight and wondering why only now am I coming out … I’m not coming out. the grumpy prof IS a bloke) with my arm around her.

And then I think of almost all the countries I’ve ever been (not that many, but enough to know EVERYTHING), and can remember seeing girls with their arms round each other … such as these two above that I almost ran over in my car yesterday because they were so loved up and giggly and cuddly with each other that they weren’t watching where they were going.
I know that if I HAD walked around with my arm round my girlfriend in my teens I’d have got “oi, facking lezzers!” shouted at me then and forever more. Which, if you’re a repressed English girl, heterosexual, lesbian or neither, is pretty bad.
All of which means, of course, that I am a reeprehssed eeengleeesh person. bum.

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  1. carl marques March 14, 2012 at 5:13 pm · Reply

    Agree. Even in NYC where I live. But then, that (I presume) eengleesh that would shout “oi, facking lezzers!” at you, doesn’t seem that repressed.

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