Portugal surf report, Cabedelo…

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snail…I haven’t surfed at Cabedelo (Figueira de Foz) in a while. My lack of inertia since the winter months has been tough to shake and so has the additional layer of insulation I’ve been cultivating. The waves there are a bit punchier than most around the Peniche area so you need to be pretty fit to make the most of the better days. I timed the paddle out beautifully, the rip whisking me out back in a few moments. A short paddle across the bay led me straight into a perfect left. It was surf-video perfect, a clean long range swell groomed by the light offshore wind lifting up over the banks at just over head high. I was in just the right spot and the wave lifted the back of the board and threw me down the face into a deep bottom turn. After making some good speed mid face I raked out one more bottom turn and then lifted up and over the closing lip. It was the first ‘real’ wave of the year for me. It left me grinning and shaking as I paddled back out to sea…

What followed was a series of humbling events that involved an unexpected, much bigger set. Some underwater time. Lots of flailing and floundering. Some more underwater time. A bit more flailing and finally some nice relaxing ‘down time’ on the beach with just me, my thoughts and my crushed and fragile ego for company.

After a while I stood up (manfully) strode back into the sea (again in a manly way) and then repeated the last paragraph (not quite so manly at this point).

At which point I decided to focus carefully on the first paragraph and strode casually to the car – grinning once again. I then ate a large chocolate cake and drove home. Perfect.

I surfed today. For about 8 seconds. Which sometimes is just enough…

The snail (incidentally) has absolutely nothing to do with anything but could be misconstrued as representing the above post. In a loose metaphorical way.


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2 Comments on "Portugal surf report, Cabedelo…"

  1. Grant May 9, 2011 at 11:32 am · Reply

    Ha – I haven’t surfed in years, but used to surf a lot in Cornwall when I lived there so have a lot of empathy for this surfer’s tale!

    Hoping to make it over to Portugal on a permanent basis next year, and maybe get surfing again. Will have to start with the smaller days though…

  2. Miguel June 29, 2011 at 9:48 pm · Reply

    I realy hope you get into surfing again!

    “I surfed today. For about 8 seconds. Which sometimes is just enough…” True. (i guess you just need one good wave, not even that, just one turn right?)

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