The future of surfing…

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future of surfingI demand freedom. Society has smeared its smog covered and weighty hand across the canvas of surfing and created a brutal corporate image for us to adhere to. It was the last bastion of the open mind and the free will to express ourselves in a physical and raw moment of integration with the universe. We were wild and savage beasts, fighting our way through the endless drudgery of modern existence to find that tiny element of time and space where we become one with ourselves and to be is all we need.

Now we are tiny mice on the treadmill of the Man – going round and round and round. Day in day out. Becoming autonomous drones – dressing the same. Acting the same. Being the same. Surfing the same. Be free tiny people. Grow your hair and burn your bra. Stick it to the Man.

This painting could say all of that. Or I could be spouting a load of old toss and it could be a weird dream I had the other night…

I didn’t surf today. Stuff on my mind…


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