Wonderful Arrábida

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ArrábidaI, the two small people and the household professor live in a rather beautiful part of Portugal. Well, I think that about 90% of Portugal is rather beautiful when NOT tampered with by Human Beings. This morning I went to buy some lovely paint in Setúbal, the kind of paint that is such a beautiful colour that you want to dip in your finger and taste it. To get to Setúbal from Azeitão one drives over a big hill, I don’t know whether it counts as part of the Serra da Arrábida, but whatever … as you drive up it you can look backwards and see the whole peninsula stretching out in front of you; to the other side of the Tejo, and beyond, to the mountains behind Lisbon. It is fascinating, not necessarily pretty, but fascinating. But, as you come over the top of the hill, Serra da Arrábida appears and like all mountain and large hill ranges, the weather and time of day DO things to their appearance.

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